What are cloud-native applications and how can they help CIOs?



If your organisation requires solutions that empower IT and business to move faster, while enabling developers to build and scale applications at higher speeds, cloud-native could be the answer.

What exactly is cloud-native? In a nutshell, cloud-native means new architecture; building applications from streamlined microservices, running in containers and orchestrated using Kubernetes. This usually entails new working practices often inside a DevOps methodology, so it helps to start by getting up to speed with DevOps.

In this video, you’ll uncover practical advice on how your business can go cloud-native. Get a breakdown on the applications you want to run, the most suitable container-based application platform and an on-demand infrastructure which you can rely on to deploy and manage your containers.

Watch now to explore the benefits of cloud-native applications and discover how to set measurable development timetables which balance speed to market with quality and innovation.

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