Don’t be caught out by the complexities of multi-cloud security



In response to the demands of remote working, IT teams must address security issues related to cloud-native infrastructures.

Migration to the cloud was a matter for careful deliberation before 2020. Then a global crisis dragged thousands of often reluctant enterprises there by necessity, vastly accelerating cloud migration. How else to deliver the building blocks of business continuity, such as remote working and operational agility? Now, the average organisation uses as many as six separate cloud services - with that number growing – but with such choice and flexibility comes considerable security concerns.

“Every 15 or 20 years, the world changes from centralised to decentralised,” said Marc O’Regan, CTO of Enterprise Architecture at Dell Technologies EMEA, in a recent interview.

“What we’re seeing as a movement today is a decentralisation of services, and with that comes the complexity of having to spawn and provide services into terrain and locations we haven’t been used to in the past. It’s much harder from a security perspective to get onto those terrain. Organisations need to constantly knit governance, compliance and policy into their core operating model.”

To flourish and remain secure amid these paradigm shifts, organisations need to ensure consistent infrastructure, operations and services across all their clouds, on and off premises. This is best achieved by unifying all three through a single trusted end-to-end partner.

Your partner should protect your data across private, edge and public clouds, and empower you to master your business risk, deliver good governance and regulatory compliance, while optimising costs. Most importantly, your partner should help you plan for the next crisis with disaster-recovery capabilities that allow your business to absorb external shocks more easily.

Dell Technologies and VMware have come together to support businesses in their journeys to the cloud.

From infrastructure redesign to application modernisation, this trusted and experienced partnership helps you and your infrastructure become cloud-native, while assisting you in managing complexity, risk and security obligations through best-practice governance. Ultimately, Dell and VMware help organisations and individuals build their digital futures and transform how they work, live, and play.

For more information, watch the interview with Dell’s Marc O’Regan and VMware’s Rory Choudhuri, in which our experts discuss digital operating models in a multi-cloud world, the security repercussions and why it’s all about the application. Learn more about the new Intrinsic Security model on the VMware website.

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