Have you got a handle on your cloud costs?



As more and more organisations achieve greater business agility and flexibility through cloud computing, how can CIOs ensure these cloud benefits aren’t overshadowed by rising costs?

With IT leaders frequently looking for practical ways to control spiraling cloud costs, large organisations should be investing in the right tools to gain greater visibility into how users, licenses and cloud services are being used across the business. These tools can effectively review all cloud applications and services, shutting down anything no longer in use.

So how can enterprises also reduce their cloud bill? By using the same tools to save on future expenses and downsizing underutilised applications, enterprises can limit the impact on business performance.

In this video, discover why IT leaders should regularly review their cloud storage and data deletion policies, as well as archiving data so it’s always accessible, but not consuming expensive cloud resources.

Watch this two-minute animated film to find out how to control your cloud costs, and to learn more about how Dell Technologies and CloudHealth by VMware can help.

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